Asian Fashion Summit

Asian Fashion Summit (AFS) is a meeting of the entire Asian Fashion Industry and shall promote the mutual benefits of working together and open communication between all bodies within the Industry for win-wins.

AFS shines much needed light on successes in the fashion business that attendees can learn from in order to progress ahead. The Asia Pacific region is an ever growing economy and the Asian Fashion Summit looks to reach out to the fashion industry to help them improve in every aspect of the business. AFS offers insights to western brands, retailers and associated businesses on how to export their business to Asia and equally allows fashion businesses from South Asia and beyond to do business in the United Kingdom, Europe and the so-called western markets. The huge Asian diaspora spans across the world and demonstrates an appetite for brands, designs and fabrics to and from India, China, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Japan, Indonesia, Thailand, Afghanistan, Nepal and many other countries including the Middle East and even some parts of North Africa.

The event is designed to inspire positive change and cohesiveness within the Asian Fashion Industry and extinguish the 'self gain' business attitudes of the past as well as welcome non-Asian fashion retailers, designers, marketing companies, photography services, accessories brands, make-up products and all other associated firms to find out how they can bridge the gap and prosper in new markets.

AFS is a place to share knowledge, learn and grow your fashion business.

New opportunities are created at AFS so don't miss out on your expansion and growth in the fashion business.

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Thursday 15th May 2014

10:00 to 17:00

Southbank Centre
Belvedere Road,
London SE1 8XX

Discussion topics include but not limited to:


How Asia impacts the West in fashion.

Asian designers break stereotypes in design.

Fashion Spotlight: AFS speaks to a brand that is breaking the mould.

Future Talk: Let's hear from the students. Fresh Focus.


A global glance at the perks of the 'Fashion Week' concept.

Curating future trends in a global market.

Wearable Technologies from Asia

Next Gen Designer Advice:

Innovation in fashion technology

Next Gen designer advice for getting started.

Reinventing your established brand.

Finding fashion management.

Marketing & Promo

Fashion Marketing and PR 101

Endorsement deals and Product Placement vs Media Buying.

PR Value, market reach and what to pay for.

Perceived Value of Print vs Analysis of Digital Stats: Where's the ROI?

What mainstream magazine experts say about Asian publications.

Policy & Conduct

Setting Fair Industry Policy on Trade Shows and transactions.

British Asian Industry Regulation of Standards and Policing Policy.

Unwritten Rules abolished. The Asian fashion 'camps' demolished for communal growth.


Asian Fashion and Global Social Impact

Setting standards for fair pricing and trading standards nationally.

Internships: More than making the tea!

Sweat Shops of the future.

Sourcing fair trade supplies.

Global Business

How Asia impacts the West in fashion.

A global glance at the perks of the 'Fashion Week' concept.

Fashion Management: Global Management deals vs Regional representation.

Time to start a diffusion range.

Handling your money better and setting up a scalable fashion business.

Sector Specifics

Menswear and unique obstacle overcome in this sector.

The Accessories and Jewellery Business demystified.

Footwear: Trekking the globe for the best deals.

Bridal and beyond: How does Bridal business compare to the rest of the market?

Luxury market struggles

Trade & Retail

Fashion Buying 101: What buyers really look for.

The BIG Retail Conversation: Grow an international loyal consumer base.

Direct to Consumer. Distribution Deals. B2B. Buyers Guide. Stock. Import/Export.

Customs and Excise.

Online Retail Success: How to achieve it.

The evergreen in-store experience.

Industry Backbone

Valuing Make Up Artists, Hair Stylists, Art Direction and Fashion Photography.

Choosing the right style team. Image Copyrights, who owns what?

Intellectual property in fashion promotion.

Fashion Show Organisations.

Brand management.

Accountancy and Tax Advice.

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